About Me


    Abdulcabbar Kartal, M.D.

    Abdulcabbar Kartal MD, Assoc.Prof., FEBS-C, FACS

    Dr Abdulcabbar Kartal was born on February 14, 1980. He completed his medical doctorate education from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2007. He completed his General Surgery Specialization in Istanbul Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital in 2007-2013. He worked as a general surgeon in Şanlıurfa between 2013-2016. He continued his duty as “Surgical Assistant Professor” at Istanbul Okan University in 2016-2020. At the end of 2020, he became an “Associate Professor of Surgery”.

    He was certified by the European Society of Coloproctology in 2021 and received the title of FEBS-C (Fellow of European Board of Surgery Examination of Coloproctology). He is a member of many scientific organizations, especially Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Association, European Society of Coloproctology (FEBS-C), American College of Surgeons (FACS), Turkish Surgery Association, Turkish Trauma and Emergency Surgery Association, Metabolic Surgery Association and Bariatric. His main areas of interest are surgical oncology, colorectal surgery, benign anorectal disorders and bariatric/metabolic surgery.

    He has been working in Gebze Anadolu Medical Center General Surgery Department since June 2021 and continues to treat international patients.


    2007 – 2013: Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Istanbul/Turkey

    2013 – 2016: Siverek State Hospital, Department of General Surgery, Şanlıurfa /Turkey

    2016 – 2020: Istanbul Okan University Medicine Faculty, General Surgery Clinic, Istanbul/Turkey

    2020-2021: Gebze Medar Private Hospital

    2021 – Now : Anadolu Medical Center in Affiliation with JOHNS HOPKİNS Medicine


    2007-2013 General Surgery Residency, 2nd Department of General Surgery, Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital

    As a General Surgery resident, worked in departments listed:
    - Surgical Endoscopy Training
    Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Surgical Endoscopy Unit.
    - Pathology internship
    Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Pathology Department
    - Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery internship
    Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Department
    - Orthopedics internship
    Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Orthopedics Department
    - Anesthesia and Reanimation internship
    Sisli Etfal Education and Research Hospital, Anesthesia and Reanimation Department
    - Cardiac Surgery internship
    Siyami Ersek Training and Research Hospital, Cardiac Surgery Department
    - Thoracic Surgery internship
    Bakırkoy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Education and Research Hospital, Thoracic Surgery Department


    - Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Course, Safe Gallbladder Surgery Techniques Course, 2012
    - Surgical Endoscopy Training Certificate, 2013
    - Turkish Surgical Association Qualification Certificate, 2014
    - Advanced Endoscopy Course, Interventional Endoscopic Procedures Course, 2015
    - Medical Statistics Course, 2015
    - Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy, ERCP and Endosonography Course, 2016
    - Cytoreduction and HIPEC Course in Metastatic Colorectal and Appendix Cancers to Peritoneum, 2017
    - Ethical Approaches in Clinical Researches Course, 2017
    - Intraoperative nerve monitoring course in thyroid surgery, 2017
    - Bariatric Surgery masterclass, 2017
    - Laser Technique Workshop for the treatment of hemorrhoidal diseases, 2018
    - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training, 2018

    - Robotic Colorectal Surgery Workshop, 2024, İRCAD, Strasbourg


    1-18th Scientific and Annual Conference of the European Society of Coloproctology. Vilnius, 27-29 September 2023

    2- 31st Biennial Congress ISUCRS, İstanbul, October 27-29, 2022,

    3- 33 rd World Congress İASGO, İstanbul, September 28- October 1, 2022

    4-17th Scientific and Annual Conference of the European Society of Coloproctology. Dublin, 21-23 September 2022

    5- Bariatric Nutrition Course, Nutrition After BPD-DS, 4th. Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Congress, Antalya, 2021.

    6- Malign and Benign Anal and Retrorectal tumors, XVIII. Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery Congress, Antalya, 2021.

    7- Experımental Anımals And Experımental Models, Model Selection İn Experimental Animals, Surgery Research Congress, Kocaeli University, 2017

    8- Individualized treatment for patients with breast and colon cancer, Colorectal surgical techniques: Open surgery, Istanbul Okan University, 2019

    9- Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiological Approaches in Trauma Patients, 12th National Trauma and Emergency Surgery Congress, Antalya, 2019


    A) International

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    B) National

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